About our Chapter

MOMS Club® is unique among mom groups because…

We don’t limit the size of our group – all moms need support and our chapter constantly continues to grow!

We also don’t have attendance requirements or rules about the roles you can have in other groups. As moms, we put enough pressure on ourselves, so a support group should provide just that – support, not another source of stress.

Moms of school-age kids are encouraged to join and renew their membership, not asked to leave the group – we know you still need support as your children grow!

We offer regularly scheduled playgroups for same-age kids to interact and form friendships while the moms chat – a great place to share advice and encouragement!

Our monthly chapter meetings provide an opportunity for moms to socialize and discuss chapter business while the kids play. We also have informative guest speakers (for example: a kindergarten teacher, a consignment specialist, or a women’s small business mentor) and group discussions. You’re invited to attend two chapter meetings as our guest before deciding to join.

MOMS Club® of Hendersonville Area, TN is a registered non-profit organization with an international network of coordinators and local chapters helping to provide an established support system.

Goals of International MOMS Club® chapters:

• To provide support and activities for stay at home mothers and their children
• To provide a forum for topics of interest to mothers
• To help children in the community
• To perform at least one service project yearly helping local women and children

Membership dues: $25.00/year due after 2 public events

To find out more information about International MOMS Club®, please visit:
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